Growth & Support

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Sunday Services


 Heartfelt, Beautiful Music, Thought-provoking Messages, Insightful Creative Segments and The Opportunity to Pray Together, Connect and Uplift Our Community as One



with Rev. Wilma Taylor-Costen

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Every Monday Evening, Reverend Wilma provides a sacred space for us to bring our collective consciousness together to meditate as one.  CLICK HERE to access these calm, thoughtful videos on Facebook. 

CONNECTING IN Consciousness

In this group, we gather in support of each other with the intention of lifting our experiences in consciousness. Within this experience seeds of possibility are being planted. These unprecedented times bring incredible opportunities for the expression of love. We affirm that the order of these times is healing and we hold that truth for every situation, for each individual and for the greater collective of humanity.


for the love of Money

with Lenise Whitfield


As a business owner, coach and mentor,  Lenise provides opportunities for self-discovery, money mindset focus, an introduction to social entrepreneurship and more. Contact Lenise HERE to make discoveries

on your journey to financial wellness.


Social Justice

Learning and Opportunities: Access events, resources, recommended websites,

articles, videos, books, authors, and more.  

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Youth & Families

The youth of the 21st century have an awesome task ahead of them! Grounded in a world of unprecedented change, they must be pioneering change agents - co-creating and innovating life structures and solutions that currently don’t exist. They will seek the path of an authentic spirituality, honoring and expressing the power of God within, nurtured by religious structures but free of their dogma. 


Women of Radiance