Where We Connect

Our Location, Our Services During Covid-19

We are blessed to be able to hold services on the beautiful campus of Ferndale High School, located at 881 Pinecrest Drive, Ferndale, MI.

Our home in Ferndale provides Renaissance Unity with a central location that allows for easy access to our current and future community. The location provides a 700+ seat sanctuary, open and ample space for Youth Ministry, classroom space for workshops on Sunday, general parking and parking for those needing easy access, advanced technological equipment, and the ability to provide state-of-the art media outreach to better serve our live streaming community that now reaches 44 countries and 27 states.

While Navigating The Risks of Covid-19 we have been successful in keeping our community connected and engaged through online streaming on Facebook and groups using Zoom Meetings.  We are committed to the well-being our our community. Our decisions in regards to physical gatherings are based on known risks and potential outcome. We anticipate returning to our beautiful home in Ferndale when we are confident that our community will be safe.  In the interim, we remain strong and present.  We encourage you to join us and receive meaningful spiritual support every week. Please explore our offerings and the many opportunities we are making available for you to be a part of our R U Family during these challenging times.