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A Vessel of Your Love - Prayer for 3/6/23

Today, I find myself thinking about love; praying for the ability to rise above the pettiness and judgment that can be such a hindrance to my capacity to give of myself and my heart. Praying to love the way that you do.

I surrender my ego, knowing you give me the strength to let go of my fears and express love even when it is difficult,  even when I am tired or frustrated.

When I move past the barriers of fear, I know I am a vessel of your love. I spread love and kindness wherever I go, and I am a force for good in the lives of those around me.

I thank you for the gift of love, for the way it connects me to you, to others, and to my highest self.  May I never take this gift for granted, and consistently strive to love ever more freely, deeply, and fully.



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