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All Michigan voters should have confidence that our voice will be heard and our vote counted no matter what political party or candidate we support, where we live, or what we look like. The Promote the Vote 2022 ballot initiative will enhance the accessibility and security of our elections and ensure that every eligible voter can have their vote counted without intimidation or interference.  TO LEARN MORE, CLICK HERE:

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Watch for Karl Dorn on Sunday mornings  to sign the petition and learn how you can help as a micro-circulator.

  Should you be part of our online community or not attending in-person at this time, please complete the form below to contact Karl and learn more.

Listen as Karl Dorn, with Act Now with RU, and James Brown, with Promote the Vote 2022, share the impact of this initiative and how it is designed to protect your voting rights.

Contact Karl

Check out June Update Series on  YouTube

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What is a Promote the Vote 2022 Micro Circulator?


A micro-circulator is someone that will take a few petitions and be trained on how to properly get signatures on the petition and the key issues of the petition.  This is a person that will talk to and get signatures from their friends, family and neighbors about the importance of voting rights and how this petition will help preserve voting rights and keep elections secure and modern.  Sometimes a micro-circulator will also gather signatures at smaller gatherings such as book clubs, bible study groups, or neighborhood meetings.  A micro-circulator will still need to bring back petition sheets weekly with the signatures they have gathered so they can be logged.  Some micro-circulators get comfortable enough with circulating that they join us in other events to gather signatures!


Please let me know if you would like more information or of any questions that you may have.

Karl Dorn

RU VNP Team Leader

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Christine Allen, Voters Not Politicians
Karl Dorn, Act Now with RU
James Brown, Voters Not Politicians

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