RU HEALS (Freedom Voice) Setup Questions

Please read the following carefully before completing the form below.

We recently established a new toll-free number with the vanity number 1-833-RU-HEALS  (1-833-784-3257).  As a recipient of this notification with access to this webpage, know that your account is currently set-up and ready for use.


Your voicemail box including your name and your email address is set-up. At the bottom of the webpage, you will see a list of extensions.  Your account password is defaulted to: Divine!Prayer!2021   You can change this if desired or leave as is. 

This system is designed to:

1. Deliver messages to your email account that can be both heard and seen.

2. If desired, forward messages to your phone (the number you provide) during specific days and hours.

3. Give you access to your RU HEALS voice mailbox either on desktop or by using the mobile phone app.

4. Give you the ability to make outgoing calls from RU HEALS (using the Freedom Voice Mobile App) while keeping your personal phone number confidential. (Support will be provided to you for the use of the mobile phone app.)

As a final step in set-up and to help you get started using the system, please answer the following questions: 

RU Heals Set Up 
Do you want calls forwarded to your phone? (You can forward to more than one personal phone number as desired.)

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If calls are forwarded to your personal number and you don't answer the call, the caller will hear the voicemail message you have on your personal number (the call does not go back to the central phone system).  Your personal message may or may not include your personal phone number..

If yes, please indicate what days of the week, you want calls forwarded.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Incoming calls when forwarded will show up as coming from 1-833-RU-HEALS (1-833-784-3257)

Thank you for responding; Leah will finish your account setup and contact you regarding setting up the Mobile App. 

RU Spiritual Team Extensions List as of 11.16.21


800 Prayer Support

801 Master Mind Journals

802 Linda Puryear

803 Brett Tillander

804 Glenn McIntosh

805 Wilma Taylor-Costen

806 Daisy Love

807 Anicia Blake

808 Leah Beck

809 Shirley Johnson

810 Clare Pedek

812 Ruth Stallworth

813 Carol Baker

814 Eldora Stevens

815 Erlinda DeLeon

816 Gena Johnson


817 Greg Bowens

818 Gwendolyn Ward

819 Rev. Henrietta Enyard

820 Janis S. Brown

821 JoAnn Plater

822 Judy Nimer Chipps Muhn

823 Lemonia DeClouette

824 Lucretia Johnson

825 Lynn Pazdziora

826 Mary Phillips-Ashley

827 Rev. Michael Belcher

828 Raymond Schmitt

829 Sandra Wettergren

830 Sue Resnick

831 Rev. Vareta Foster

832 Lenise Whitfield