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Deepen Your Spiritual Journey with Unity’s Five Basic Principles

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12/07/23: 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Deepen Your Spiritual Path with Unity’s Five Basic Principles

Join Rev. Wilma for an enlightening 90-minute class on Unity's Five Basic Principles. Discover their profound meanings, learn how they can be genuinely expressed, and delve into their significance on your spiritual journey.

In this class, we will explore:

  • God’s Omnipresence: Recognize God as absolute good, present everywhere.

  • Divinity of Humankind: Understand the spark of divinity within each of us, emphasizing the Christ spirit and our inherent goodness.

  • Power of Thought: Learn how our thoughts shape our experiences and lay the foundation for our reality.

  • The Essence of Prayer: Grasp how creative thinking through prayer strengthens our connection with God-Mind, leading to wisdom, healing, and prosperity.

  • Living the Truth: Unearth the importance of not just knowing the laws of life (Truth) but embodying them daily.


Rev. Wilma will provide insights into these principles and guide you in reflecting on their role in your spiritual journey as a member of Renaissance Unity.

Join us and deepen your understanding, forging a clearer path towards spiritual enlightenment.

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