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Youth & Families

"Our children are sacred. Our role as caretakers of their spiritual growth is sacred. We can consciously commit to deepening our support of youth ministry within our church by staying informed and staying involved.  We can open our hearts by sharing  vision and our positive beliefs. Let us join together as a Unity family and clearly answer Myrtle Fillmore's call, "Who will take care of the children?"   ~Robin Clark

Our Youth Ministry at Renaissance Unity is dedicated to the spiritual development of the world’s most precious resource, our children.

The youth of the 21st century have an awesome task ahead of them! Grounded in a world of unprecedented change, they must be pioneering change agents - co-creating and innovating life structures and solutions that currently don’t exist. They will seek the path of an authentic spirituality, honoring and expressing the power of God within, nurtured by religious structures but free of their dogma. Our YM Program at Renaissance Unity seeks to meet 21st century youth where they live with our leading edge spirit based educational philosophy; we anchor in them the resiliency and spiritual tools necessary to accomplish their life’s work. Embraced by a spirit of compassion and inclusion, our youth are nurtured and supported in expressing their true God nature in an ever-changing world.  

At Renaissance Unity we provide spiritual development and connection opportunities for children and youth base on their grade level.  We have CHILDREN'S CHURCH for young one from nursery school to 5th grade. UNITEENS for children in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, and Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) for adolescents and young adults from 9th - 12th grade.   We tailor these spiritual growth opportunities to the age of your child. 

Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) - Grades 9th - 12th 

A Deeper Look

In Y.O.U. our goal is to facilitate spiritual growth in a safe and loving space. We strive to contribute to the awakening consciousness and life transformation that occurs during the teen and young adult years.

We believe that our youth experience an understanding of who they are in the RU family and how the RU family connects with Unity at the Regional and International Level. They experience a sense of belonging, safety and trust in their peers, their Unity leaders and their Unity environment. 

They experience the opportunity to make choices and demonstrate who they are in this world. They also develop positive relationships within a “like minded” community.  

This experience creates a sense of connection to the Unity movement as they connect with Unity Youth around the Region and internationally.  Parents witness and experience spiritual growth in their children leading to the positive development of their children's social, emotional and psychological well being.


During COVID, we are using Zoom to provide spiritual development sessions. We have held a “drive by graduation celebration" for graduates instead of the usual graduation party on the school campus. We have also offered a prayer walk along the Detroit River after walking and praying (masks on). We have attended two virtual regional lessons and one virtual regional retreat. 


Once COVID is over, we plan to continue offering weekly class virtually and face-to-face as approved. We will continue to offer off-campus activities, such as a day gathering for popcorn and a movie, local Holiday service projects, collaboration opportunities with our full youth ministry and other for fun activities during the holidays. 

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