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We are With You

At Renaissance Unity we are acutely aware of how challenging these times are and how important it is for our loving spiritual community to stay close. Though our in-person services are delayed right now (please see the link to our in-person service update below), our commitment to you and your well-being is firm.   

We encourage you to join us on Facebook for Sunday Services and join Reverend Wilma on Monday nights for meditation. 

In honoring the beautiful connection we share, below is our recent TOGETHER WE RISE video with a link to our service where we acknowledge those who made their transition during the past 18 months.  We thank our community members who sent in photos of your loved ones.  We thank all of you for allowing us to support, pray and stand in support with you. 
This video, accompanied by Daisy Love’s performance of “The Voice of God”, is filled with love for each person we honor and remember today.

Master Mind Journal 2022


FRIDAY, October 22nd at 5 pm

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Please see our update on how we will navigate this time period and continue to stay close.

Join us on Zoom for a direct conversation. Together we support one another with love and acceptance.

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At Renaissance Unity our goal is to provide you a host of opportunities to connect, go deeper, and share the beauty of living a spiritually conscious life.  Experience your possibilities with our inclusive and welcoming spiritual community. We welcome all with open arms and an open heart.

Opportunities designed to lift you higher...

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Share Your Journey Discoveries
with Rev Wilma HERE

Be a part of the RU Community, Evolve and Grow With Us

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Monday Meditations with Reverend Wilma

Connecting in consciousness 

prayer group (zoom)

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Act Now with RU Social Justice Movement

Gather Together, Learn together, enjoy each other

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My Spiritual journey

I Believe in My Divine Good and the Powerful Promise that Connects Us All


My Spiritual Journey 

October 3, 2021

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When engaging with our community, no matter the struggle or depth of your faith, we provide an affirming environment that fosters positive self-actualization, personal responsibility, with unconditional love and acceptance. We encourage and nurture a sense of belonging and a recognition of wholeness.

Our gatherings are relaxed and comfortable, which is consistent with our desire to live transparently with no facades. We are intense about seeking, learning and applying spiritual practices for everyday living in alignment with Spirit.

As a Welcoming Spiritual Community,

we are focused on you.

Rev. Glenn McIntosh, Daisy Love, Brett Tillander

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YOUR VOICE MATTERS.  Click HERE to find your elected officials and share your vision. 

 One Heart, One Mind, NOW is the time 

ACT NOW with RU...

is focused on actively participating in dismantling the crippling system of oppression people of color experience in our country. We are committed to creating and delivering education, heart-centered communications, self-reflection opportunities, and spaces to experience heightened spiritual human awareness. We openly acknowledge the traumatic impact of racism. Through our Unity Spiritual Principles and the truth within, we are helping each other, our community and beyond, create meaningful change.  

One heart.  One mind.  Now is the time.

Youth & Family


The Youth & Family Ministry at Renaissance Unity is dedicated to the spiritual development of the world’s most precious resource, our children.