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"Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground."


Oscar Wilde

What the Sacred Grief Circle is All About...

To be human is to experience grief and the painful feelings that accompany loss. The truth is everything we love we will eventually lose, including our own human life and all it encompasses. The grief of something or someone precious being suddenly absent from us is filled with emotional complexity, and often brings up big spiritual questions. So does the contemplation of our own eventual death.


While there is much inner work involved in navigating our mortality, our grief and our losses, we were never meant to do this alone. 


A community coming together to support the grieving process of its members is as old as humanity itself. Our unique new thought understanding of spiritual principles and what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience gives us many tools and opportunities to support one another in finding the strength to grieve—the hardest thing we will likely do in our lives, and perhaps the most meaningful—and even to harvest the gifts that fully experiencing grief can generate within us.


Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.  Oscar Wilde




  • A space of Love, compassion, non-judgment, empathy and deep listening

  • Available weekly on Zoom

  • All are welcome to attend once, occasionally, or often/weekly

  • Meaningful connections from where you are – large group, small group and one-on-one interactions

  • Opportunities to share your thoughts and experiences at your own timing and discretion

  • Encouragement to lean into, rather than avoid, your grief and loss journey

  • People with a variety of loss experiences

  • People with a variety of spiritual beliefs and practices

  • Presence of one or more hosts or “facilitators” to guide discussions and cultivate a sacred space

  • Introduction of mindfulness tools and spiritual practices from many sources to enhance the experience of the gathering and for consideration as enhancements to your own spiritual journey (for example, the Buddhist practice of Loving Kindness meditation, nature-based rituals, creative outlets, contemplative prayer, readings or journaling)




  • A prescribed method or list of steps to “get beyond” grief

  • Group therapy, counseling, diagnosis or advice

  • Encouragement to “get over it” or “think only positive thoughts”

  • A magic eraser

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