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Our Members Share

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all
together in perfect unity.   Colossians 3:14

It makes my soul sing with joy seeing those who are able to hold such strong faith during these uncertain times we're living in. Stay together in faith RU family and stay blessed!  - Susan

Rev. Glenn, your messages keep inspiring and changing: You impact many lives. - Ruth 

This is one of the most uplifting sermons I have heard...”not perfect but persistent n the truth”... WOW! - Sheldon

 I so look forward to hearing words of encouragement and inspiration...need some support in controlling my thinking to stay positive. Many thanks! - Sylvia

Alexis, You articulated your journey so well. I am inspired by your words and your work around anti-racism and helping to build up women. This is such powerful work!!!


Good Morning RU Family..So grateful to be here with you! Sending my love and blessings to you and your families. I love and miss you! - Karen

Good morning RU Family, thank you Dazee for that version of the Lords spiritually powerful! - JoAnn

I commit to living the Law of Radiance! Thank you Rev. Glenn for this message. - Linda

I love u RU & there’s nothing u can do about it. Blessings to u all. - Miche'le

Good Morning everyone! I haven't been to Renaissance Unity since it was in Warren. So happy to be back. - Adrianna

Wilma, that was beautiful. Your precious energy deepened the flow and the meditation was a Divine experience. - Sue

Shout out to the Media Team. You are doing GREAT things with the FB Live production. It's looking fantastic. - Malika

Praise and gratitude for all those amazing individuals that made this powerful service possible!... and wrap that gratitude in pure love! 


Thank you Renaissance unity for speaking out this morning. I know about a lot of things from the 50's. We service a awesome God. Love you all. - Carol

This is an Uplifting service I am sharing now, I am feeling the blessings I share, Thanks too all who are making this happen. - Willie

What a Divine message Rev Glenn! Thanks so much!!! Love ya!!!! - Todd

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