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The Renaissance Unity Experience

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How We Support You In
Your Spiritual Journey

At Renaissance Unity we recognize that everyone's spiritual path is unique and special.  Our goal isn't to tell you what your path is or should be, but rather to give you sacred opportunities to find the one that connects you to your own divinity and Christ-consciousness.

Our Sunday services are delivered with love, transparency, and a clear commitment to our shared spiritual growth. 

The beautiful voices of our Visions Praise Team Choir offer us soulful, heartfelt music that opens us up and fills our cups. 

The peaceful meditations provided by our prayer chaplains settle our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our spirits making space for new thoughts and insights.
Our ministers deliver thought-provoking messages filled with opportunities to recognize the power and presence of God-within and to deepen our relationships with ourselves, our God, our families, our communities and our world. 

Our Youth Ministry is committed to give children of all ages a blossoming awareness of their divinity, their possibilities, their power and the love of God.

Our groups offer you places and spaces where you can express yourself, be heard, be seen, be valued, and be supported. 

Our classes are created to help you navigate and overcome the challenges of life, and share the triumphs created by self-awareness, self-love, self-compassion and spiritual connection. 

In all that we do, we seek to do it with affirmative love for all, giving you and those you love, meaningful spiritual support as you find and travel along your soul's spiritual path.


Our Core Beliefs

One Presence, One Power
There is only One Presence and One Power active in the Universe and through my life: God, the Good, Omnipotent, absolute love as the substance, source, and the supply of all existence. This one presence and power may go by many names - God, Spirit, the I Am, Source, but by any name it is the same.

Divine Expression

We are spiritual beings. All existence is the manifest form and activity of Spirit. Every living thing is made in the image and likeness of God and is capable of awakening to this realization, as well as giving expression to the qualities of unconditional love, compassion, wisdom, peace and creativity.

Mindful Co-Creators
Our consciousness shapes our experiences in life. Our choice to focus on the thoughts of love allows us to see the good in all things. Every individual has been given the power of free choice and is therefore self-responsible for following a path suited to their individual state of evolving consciousness.

Christ Consciousness
“Christ” is a state of consciousness that allows us to express our divine potential as realized by Jesus and other master teachers like Buddha. These enlightened teachers represent perfect examples of the Christ consciousness in action. As individualized expressions of God, every person has the ability to demonstrate this same level of manifestation.

Core Truths & Spiritual Texts
We draw upon the sacred texts of the world’s many religions, and the writings of ancient and contemporary mystics and teachers that are in alignment with our core beliefs. From the Bible, for instance we draw upon the wisdom of the scriptures as it relates to our spiritual evolution.

Prayer & Meditation

We are receptive through prayer, meditation and visioning to the messages of Spirit revealed to us as we align our lives with the good that orders the Universe.

Growth & Action
We live in an ever-evolving Universe, which is the source of our individual evolutionary impulse and capacity to expand into our fullest potential. Knowledge of spiritual principles is not enough. We must live them. Through thoughts, words, and actions, we live the truth we know!

Meditation by the Sea

Renaissance Unity is a welcoming center for spiritual learning where everyone is welcome! Our congregation reflects diversity in every way, including sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, age and socioeconomic status, and is exemplified in our leadership.

When engaging with our community, no matter the struggle or depth of faith, we provide an affirming environment that fosters positive self-actualization, personal responsibility, with unconditional love and acceptance. We encourage and nurture a sense of belonging and a recognition of wholeness.

Our gatherings are relaxed which is consistent with our desire to live transparently with no facades. However, we are intense about seeking, learning and applying spiritual practices for everyday living in alignment with God.​

Our history is rich and full of miracles. We began as a small study group nearly 90 years ago. We became an established church at the corner of Coram and Queen in Detroit. We moved to Regina High School and other temporary venues, until we became the Church of Today and subsequently Renaissance Unity in Warren. Following a short time in Ferndale, we now have a robust online presence with in-person services at the Emagine Theater in Royal Oak. We have created a strong inclusive spiritual community for more than  five decades. Renaissance Unity has pushed forth in miraculous ways to provide a place for growth, transformation and hope. 

We celebrate and believe that Renaissance Unity has always been pulled forward by a vision. We are committed to being a spiritual community that stretches conversations and expands consciousness. Our core beliefs serve as our compass. We are committed to individual transformation and to being a beneficial presence on the planet through selfless service. Our community is incredibly talented, perceptive, willing and giving.


Consider yourself invited, welcomed and celebrated!  Where you see your talents and resources supporting and lifting the efforts and vision of Renaissance Unity, please lean in and lead from within.  We will grow in healthy ways and beyond our wildest imagination with your help!  #WeAreRU

Our History

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