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The Renaissance Unity Experience

Meditation by the Sea

Renaissance Unity is a welcoming center for spiritual learning where everyone is welcome! Our congregation reflects diversity in every way, including sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender, age and socioeconomic status, and is exemplified in our leadership.

When engaging with our community, no matter the struggle or depth of faith, we provide an affirming environment that fosters positive self-actualization, personal responsibility, with unconditional love and acceptance. We encourage and nurture a sense of belonging and a recognition of wholeness.

Our gatherings are relaxed which is consistent with our desire to live transparently with no facades. However, we are intense about seeking, learning and applying spiritual practices for everyday living in alignment with God.​

Our history is rich and full of miracles. From a small study group nearly 90 years ago, to an established church at the corner of Coram and Queen in Detroit, to Regina High School and other temporary venues, to a golf range in Warren where we have served for 37 years, Renaissance Unity has pushed forth in miraculous ways to provide a place for growth, transformation and hope. In fact, wherever we have been, wherever we will be, those who connect with Renaissance Unity consider it to be home! We are blessed to be able to hold services at 881 Pinecrest Drive, Ferndale, MI, on the beautiful campus of Ferndale High School.

We celebrate and believe that Renaissance Unity has always been pulled forward by a vision. We are committed to being a spiritual community that stretches conversations and expands consciousness. Our core beliefs serve as our compass. We are committed to individual transformation and to being a beneficial presence on the planet through selfless service. Our community is incredibly talented, perceptive, willing and giving.


Consider yourself invited, welcomed and celebrated!  Where you see your talents and resources supporting and lifting the efforts and vision of Renaissance Unity, please lean in and lead from within.  We will grow in healthy ways and beyond our wildest imagination with your help!  #WeAreRU