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Appreciation - Prayer for 11/8/22

Today, I choose a person I really care about and put a soul snapshot of them in the pocket of my heart for the day. I think about this special place and the commitment that is the promise of the pocket.

In pursuit of giving the precious soul I chose, extra love, I commit to spending time thinking about them today. I send them the energy of love, support, gratitude and more.

I make time to be by my myself in the quiet, closing my eyes, holding the high watch for the precious soul.

I think about that person and our spiritual journey together.

I think about how I can use my unique talents and skills to be of service to them.

I thank them for the life experiences we've shared.

I thank you, God, for giving me the opportunity to love and be loved.

I am forever grateful for those that ride in the pocket of my heart.


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