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Courageous Steps - Prayer for 3/13/23

When I struggle to find the motivation to move forward after enduring a difficult experience, I look within for guidance and inspiration. I appreciate that you help me remember we are all part of a divine plan and that you have given each of us unique talents and abilities to use for a greater purpose.

In this moment of higher awareness, I connect with the motivation and energy to pursue my dreams and goals with passion and perseverance. I remember that I am empowered to overcome any obstacle that comes my way.

Today, I make the decision to stay focused on my goals, even when I’m discouraged or distracted. Through your eyes, I see the opportunities that lie ahead and take bold and courageous steps toward this higher vision.

I am filled with a deep sense of purpose and meaning, remembering that my actions can make a positive difference in the world. I thank you for the many blessings you have given us, as I strive to live my best life.



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