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Embracing Hope, As Advent Begins - Prayer for 11/27/22

Advent is time of stillness and reflection. Thanksgiving is a time to center ourselves in gratitude and awareness of the gifts life offers us. When it is time for us to practice the quiet space within, gratitude is not only the door opener to this space, but also the door stop, keeping us open, receptive and willing to receive the gifts that Advent offers us. Join us for Sunday Services in-person or online! Learn more here: Today's Spiritual Gathering. And, if you are new to RU, introduce yourself!

Today, I will keep this image in my awareness.

I have been ridiculed as too idealistic, too naïve, having too much faith in the goodness and potential of people and in the Universe as good.

Sometimes, I find myself trying to douse my own or someone else’s hope. “Don’t get your hopes up too high” seems a prudent word of advice.

I embrace this image of hope, a little bird singing resiliently in every soul, regardless of what traps the mind or heart may get into. Regardless of the “evidence” in the so-called real world. Despite people’s best efforts, including mine, to quiet the song. It sings.

Hope Is, because God Is, and that is All.



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