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I Believe In Me - Prayer for 12/30/22

As the calendar marches toward a new year, it seems like so much time. 52 weeks - 365 days – 8760 hours – 525000 minutes. It can feel like a gift or a curse.

I feel a sense of immense possibility about what I might create, and how I might contribute. It is accompanied, though, by nagging doubts. Will I really step up? Do I really have the strength and wisdom to make needed life changes? To make a meaningful difference to others? Is there evidence in my past to the contrary?

The answer comes through clearly…Faith is a choice. It takes work. It takes spiritual community and prayer partners. It takes having a vision and taking the next step (or leap) of faith in spite of the doubts.

I choose to believe. I believe in myself because I believe in a power greater than myself. I believe in myself because I believe I was created as an expression of that power. I believe in myself because I can see the beauty and brilliance of others blossoming around me. I believe in myself because the world needs me to.

Doubt can come along, but it will need to take a back seat because today I choose faith.


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