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I Unite with You - Prayer for 4/19/23

When I bear witness to events that separate and divide us as a world family, I find myself looking within. Looking for understanding. Grappling with how to create unity where it is needed most.

In those moments, I can feel the messages of my ego creating conflict in my heart. Often mirroring a judge with a gavel, feeling righteous, deciding what is right and wrong.

In those same moments, however, I can also feel the messages of my divine self. A knowing that while I can’t wave a magic wand and change the world outside me, I can change the world inside me. I can choose love where there is hatred. I can choose peace where there is discord. I can model love. I can model peace. I can live consciously.

I recognize your presence in all matters. I choose the messages of my divine self and act accordingly, knowing that real change begins inside each and every one of us.

I unite with you.


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