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In Your Divine Presence - Prayer for 1/27/23

As a spiritually-minded individual, I understand there is great power in my thoughts and recognizing where I am putting my focus.

Despite this awareness, there are times that I struggle. There are times when I feel trapped in thinking dark thoughts that don’t reflect my highest good. And, in those moments, it seems that the harder I try to redirect my thoughts and feelings, the deeper into the darkness I fall.

In those moments, Sweet Spirit, I reach out to you.

I reach for the fabric of your grace, knowing that inside of your loving energy, there is no judgment, there is no punishment for being human and feeling unable to control the content of my thoughts.

I know that I can release my need for control and simply turn my focus just to you.... your quietness.... your light.... your love. Only you.

As I allow myself to sit quietly in your divine presence, I let go. And, when I let go… you catch me. Every. Single. Time.

For this, I am so grateful.



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