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Pocket of My Heart - Prayer for 11/2/22

Grateful for a moment to reflect, the alarm silenced, I turn to you and listen. The distant demands of the day ahead call to me. Feeling overwhelm nearby, you give me perspective. A moment to answer your question of intent. I ask myself if I want to race through the day. And I don't. I decide to give the ringing alarm a new and different meaning. No more would it be a signal to run and get as much done as possible. No. The sound of this new day, would be the ring of an invitation. An invitation to consciously create a rich foundation for growth. A place to incubate and birth the realization of my vision. So I decide to shift my perception. From alarms and expectations... to accepting an invitation to grow. Feels good, God! Amen #growth #invitation #foundation #decision #rucommunity #todaysawakening #prayer #inspiration #myspiritualjourney #renaissanceunity


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