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Practicing Grace - Prayer for 1/20/23

When I contemplate this idea, that every person is a unique and necessary part of the greater whole, I find myself rebelling against the thought that this includes people who I see as destructive forces - harming others, fueling hate, and destroying the earth. Can they really be carrying the Christ Consciousness within?

In these times, I think about the Grace that has been shown me when I have been less than my best self. I remember what spiritual study has taught me - that all things work together for good, and that those who appear to be aligned with darkness are fulfilling a divine purpose as great as that of the saints and angels among us.

I know I will have to do the work of practicing Grace again tomorrow, and every day after.

For today, let my heart make space for the saboteurs - they are creating opportunities for us to practice shining light into dark spaces.




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