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Precious Presence - Prayer for 1/2/23

There are mornings when I wake up and within minutes my list of to-do’s starts marching through my mind. Before I am even out of bed my mind goes to work, and the freshness of a new day is forgotten as yesterday moves into today.

In my time with you, when I reflect on all that I want to experience in my life, I see how much I am missing when this happens.

… The sunrise, whether sunny or cloudy, speaks of hope and possibilities.

… The smile on a loved one's face when they greet me conveys affection and belonging.

… The simple pleasure of a warm cup of coffee or tea, offers me a moment to recognize my blessings.

May I embrace the simple moments that make life sweet.

May I seize every opportunity to move into this new day with enthusiasm and full awareness of the gift I have been given.




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