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Stepping Into My True Identity - Prayer for 3/17/23

I open my heart and mind, ready to recognize the infinite possibilities that exist within me. In my deepest heart, I know you are the source of all potential and that anything is possible with your grace.

I pray for the wisdom and guidance to see beyond my current circumstances and limitations. I ask for help in releasing all self-doubt, fear, and negativity that holds me back. I know when I am standing inside my true identity, I have the courage to step into the unknown and trust that you are with me every step of the way.

At this moment, I step into my true identity and I stand open to new ideas, new perspectives, and new opportunities.  I embrace change as a natural and necessary part of my spiritual growth and evolution. I am willing to take risks and follow my heart, even when it may seem difficult or uncertain.

I know you have a unique purpose and plan for each of us, and I trust you will guide me toward my highest good.



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