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Thanksgiving Love - Prayer for 11/24/22


May all of us enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving. May we give forth to others who are challenged. May we bring forth happy smiles of gratitude for food, shelter, clothing and the Presence of those sharing. Thanks Giving is just that! It is a time for endless lists of gratitude. May all of us know a sea of plenty and the bonds that come from love and closeness.

May all of us know a treasure trove of caring among friends, family and strangers. May we know great health, peace and healing. May our journey's be an expression of fulfillment forward.

May everyday be an experience in Thanksgiving. And, although we do not understand much in this life, we can be enfolded in togetherness and enjoy laughter. Know goodness and embrace a beautiful and bountiful experience. And so it is and so it will be.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyday!


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