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This Moment With You - Prayer for 2/2/23

Sometimes, it’s just too easy to think that if I focus on what I’ve learned from the past, I can cancel out the potential for difficulties in the future. And, if I focus on planning for the future now, I can create a life that is easier to navigate.

Yet, this thinking, this effort to prevent or avoid the challenges of life, steals my ability to see and experience all that life is offering me right in this very moment. It is in this awareness that I turn to you for help. I ask for your help in grounding me in the present.

May the past be a gift that created a toolbox for my life’s journey, not my leader for today.

May the future be a gift that lays out the possibilities for my life, not my leader for today.

May you, Divine Spirit, be my leader for today.

With my heart wide open, I embrace this moment, right here, right now, with you shining brightly in my life.



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