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We Hear the Call for Change - A Special Prayer for Transformation

As we acknowledge the jarring terror from the recent shooting at Michigan State University and the loss of precious lives taken from their earthly experience, we seek peace and courage. We know that in a time of darkness there is refuge in the presence of the love and light that leads us to the transformation we seek. We turn within to the very essence that resides within all of us - even when we are filled with doubt and anguish.

We pray for the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, the friends, the classmates, the teachers, the students, the neighbors, the many who feel the pain of this loss and senseless violence. As part of our human family, whether connected directly or simply through our awareness, we hear the call for change. We hear the call for healing. We open our eyes and see the pain, discord and injustice that leads to these tragedies. Resolved, we now turn our attention to action.

And in acting, we remember the precious lives of Alexandria, Brian and Arielle and the countless others they join who have been lost to gun violence. Let our compassion bring forward the miracle we seek. Let us not only pray, let us have the courage to do the work, so our prayers can become a celebration of our hopes realized.

Together, let us act on behalf of the miracle we seek!



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