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Sacred Grief Circle

Weekly Gatherings on Wednesdays @ 7 pm (Eastern)

Causes We Support 

In this profoundly touching video, Daisy Love, the talented Music Director of Renaissance Unity, shares her personal journey of healing following the tragic loss of her beloved daughter, Juanita. Daisy opens her heart to viewers, reflecting on Juanita's dedication to providing healthy food to low-income families and expressing her own commitment to honor and continue her daughter's remarkable legacy. Through sharing the story of Juanita's life and the depth of her own grief, Daisy creates a compassionate space for other mothers who have experienced the unbearable pain of losing a child to find solace and connection. Accompanied by her incredible vocal talent, Daisy presents a poignant rendition of Sting's "Fragile," infusing the song with profound emotion and resonance. This video is not only a tribute to Juanita's spirit but also a testament to the healing power of music and storytelling.
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Featured Community Members 

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