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Every Breath is a Sacrament - Prayer for 12/4/22

That which is considered "sacred" is considered connected with God, embodying principles that keep us close to spirit, our source. As we move into the second week of Advent and turn our focus to peace, what sacred texts do you draw upon to be reminded of your sacred truths? How do these truths connect to all that you've experienced in your Spiritual Journey this year?Join us for Sunday Services in-person or online! Learn more here: Today's Spiritual Gathering. And, if you are new to RU, introduce yourself!

Today, amid the busyness of holiday preparations, I set reminders to focus on my breath. There are so many breaths I take without being conscious of them.

Today, I visualize my breathing as a song that millions of souls are singing in unison. I send my breath as a prayer to every human taking their first, or last breath today.

I breathe deeply and slowly and imagine I am balancing the sharp and shallow breaths of fear, grief or pain that others are breathing.

I recall those that have walked this earth before me breathing this very same air, and call on Spirit to infuse my exhale with the purest peace for all who will breathe it in the future.

By focusing on my breath, I consciously connect with All that Is, the Breath of Life, and know that I am participating in a conscious evolution toward Peace for all souls.



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