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I Turn My Focus to You - Prayer for 11/15/22

In my pursuit of abundance, I’ve often focused on what is lacking in my life. In my pursuit of good health, I’ve often focused on illness. In my pursuit of peace, I’ve often focused on what is most bothering me. When I haven’t seen the outcomes I’ve pursued, I’ve turned to you, hopeful that I can find what I’m missing. As I’ve listened for your guidance, I’ve recognized these patterns of focusing more on what I don’t want than what I do. In my awakening, I remember I am an open channel for all possibilities. I turn my focus to you and open up to your guidance remembering the co-creative nature of our relationship. Thank you, God. Amen #chooseyourfocus #opentoallpossibilities #rucommunity #todaysawakening #prayer #inspiration #myspiritualjourney #renaissanceunity


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