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Pathway to Peace - Prayer for July 4, 2022

As we contemplate the message of Independence Day and the vision that was established so many years ago in our country, may we be willing to commit anew to a vision that inspires all, engages all and includes all.

Let us be fearless as we look within for our Truth.

Let us be willing to listen and acknowledge the Truth held deeply by others.

Let us honor the inalienable Divinity in all.

Let us live our lives with the integrity that aligns with our spiritual principles.

Let us pay witness to the trauma that fear and hate have brought to generations when our division has been stronger than our vision.

Let us be willing to seek understanding and reconciliation.

Let us live courageously and stand on the Truth that the Divine in me reflects the Divine in you.

Love and goodness are our pathway to peace. Let us discover new ways to live and to love.


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