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Letting the Light Come Through - Prayer for 12/3/22

Something happened recently that hurt me so deeply, it took my breath away. I crawled in my bed and never wanted to get up again to face such pain. I could not see hope.

Then the thought came to me like a jolt – this is happening to every soul on the planet. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, it happened and will happen again. Nobody escapes the wounds of the human experience.

I breathe in, imagining Spirit’s healing light riding in on each breath, seeping in where I have been cracked open, finding a home there.

I welcome the lovely light, and gradually, reluctantly, I find gratitude for the pain that opened the door and let the light in. I find the strength to let the pain live, so that its lessons may be revealed. I marvel at how pain and joy can exist together in the same broken vessel.

I see again the Truth that one can’t, in fact, exist without the other. Humans are both strong and fragile, by design. And this wound too shall pass, leaving a place for love to shine through.



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