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Your Love Heals- Prayer for 3/23/23

When I am feeling lonely and disconnected from others, I know this is not your plan for my life. I ask to feel your loving presence and to know I am never truly alone.

As I nurture my faith, I trust you will guide me to the people and experiences that will nourish my soul and bring me joy and connection. Help me to reach out to others and to be open to the love and support that they have to offer.

In my heart, I know your love can heal any wounds or hurts that may be contributing to my loneliness, and help me to forgive myself and others for any mistakes or misunderstandings that may have caused pain.

Thank you for your unconditional love and support. I trust you will continue to guide me and bless me with connections that enrich my life and give me the opportunity to enrich others.



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